Sunday, November 16, 2014

Obama's New Clothes? (Bully Pulpit?)

It was a huge loss for President Obama and the Democratic Party, this election. The question is what can they do, now, to continue on.

This reminds me of the Hans Christian Anderson, "The Emperor's New Clothes". The Emperor parades through the streets, with no clothes and the people pretend that he is OK. It is only a small naive child who says that the Emperor has no clothes.

The Republicans have said that Obama has "no clothes", but the Democrats refuse to accept this. Surely, the President has accomplished great things, But the people remain unhappy with him But everyone seems to be clueless about what he can do with a Republican controlled Congress.

The President has become so unpopular that Democratic candidates refused to relate to him and the result was disastrous at the polls. So, perhaps Obama needs to work on his leadership approach so that he can again connect with his party and the nation so they can move FORWARD, not BACKWARD.

Now, it has been said that: the first task of a leader to "keep hope alive" (Jesse Jackson, Joe Batten). Let me suggest that he use his BULLY PULPIT to return to his "Audacity of Hope". The Audacity of Hope was the title of his book, but some how that sense of hope got lost. Here are some suggestions for returning to hope, ASAP:

1) This could be the subject of a book, but let me first suggest the ideas contained on this rough, unedited blog, below. (I can be reached at: pearle (at) )

2) I suggest that Pres.Obama admit to specific mistakes in judgment and style to show humility, to restore the confidence of the people in his leadership ability.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fix the Economy... (Obama-Care to Ukraine)

On Oct.1, 2013, the US Government shutdown, woke us up. With each passing day, more hardships will likely occur.

There seems to be very little that Pres. Obama can do now. But necessity is the mother of invention and surely this crisis will pass. 

Now, the President has big problems with healthcare. Obama-Care is in trouble. Is this a blessing in disguise?

In a crisis, there is an urgency to fix the problem. Necessity is the mother of invention. Perhaps the confusion and stress of Obama-Care can encourage the American people to experiment more with the economy. 

And now we have the crisis in the Ukraine with Russia to contend with. How insane for Putin to force his will on the Ukrainian people. Many visits to this blog are now coming from there. Good luck.

Also, welcome blog visitors from ISRAEL. Please leave comments.

This blog, Economy Wise Up focuses on linking education and economy, or what you might call: EduConomy. The more we learn the more we can earn. More brains, more gains.

The more we learn, the more hope and optimism we have to expand the economy. But Obama has not encouraged the nation with education, or Edu-Conomy, if you will. This I believe is the catch.

Maybe the problem with the "economy, stupid" is...stupidity, itself! But "where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise".

Maybe the light at the end of the tunnel (for recovery) is light (the light of reasoning).

Pres. Obama seems to be clueless about the future of the economy. By contrast, his wife, Michelle is pushing her program on childhood obesity. Why can't Obama have a program to push life time learning and training to boost the economy?

Michelle Obama Pushing HigherEd Now NYT 

Sitting around, waiting for recovery is not bringing recovery. We have to do something and we have to figure this out, now. Pres. Obama is in the driver's seat. He can take action and he can speak out on the economy, right now. His challengers can only talk, while he can act.


Obama wrote the book: Audacity of Hope. It was inspired by his minister, Rev.Wright, who gave a speech in 1990, The Audacity TO Hope. See text:

Read: Audacity to Hope Speech, Rev.Wright

I have been praying for a solution to our economic problems. The answer that comes to mind is to link education with the economy. I keep trying to express this idea to government people, economists, the press, etc. Few have responded, so far.

The Edu-conomy solution, I propose, comes with a price. The price is not so much money, as it is time and effort and sweat. Edison said: genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. Who wants to go back to school to get another degree? Who wants to take the time to read a book of instruction? Who wants to take another exam? Who wants to admit that he is ignorant or mistaken about something which is obvious to others?

Fortunately, we now have the computer and the internet. We can learn many ideas and skills online. New devices, such as the IPad and computer-aided-instruction are being developed all the time. Thus, I have been trying to urge Obama to push the technology.

This, I believe is our source of hope for recovery. It takes time to learn and it takes humility to learn and there is no guaranteed outcome to learning, but I believe it is our hope. Better to light one candle than curse the darkness (The Christophers).

I think the President can speak with hope for the economy and he can also push the technology or TEACH-NOLOGY, right now. I think he can connect the dots between education and economy, before the November election.

As Paul Harvey used to say:
And now you know..the rest of the story.Good day.


G-d give us grace to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed, courage to change the things which should be changed, and the wisdom to distinguish the one from the other.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's the EDUCATION - ECONOMY Stupid ! 1

Millions of Americans are unemployed and underemployed. They cry out for H E L P. The recession continues and it may affect us all, one way or another. No one is safe. People look for hope. Where is it?

Jobs should be Obama's JOB-ONE.

I believe that the problem with the economy has to do with IDEAS. We have to construct new ideas, as the picture shows. Ideas generate HOPE and action and finally results. Ideas come from ongoing study and debate.

The importance of ideas may help to explain why we remain in a recession. President Obama is lacking ideas. He does not seem to appreciate the importance of ideas.

In 1932 Pres. Hoover said: Prosperity is just around the corner, but he did not know how. Were is Obama's Plan B for the economy?

Video Ad: 'Bump In the Road'-Romney Jobs

Where there is no vision the people perish.

If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there (Carroll)


Sow a thought, and you reap an act; Sow an act, and you reap a habit; Sow a habit, and you reap a character; Sow a character, and you reap a destiny (Charles Reade

Sowing and reaping is an agricultural concept, perhaps not so evident in urban life.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Recovery Needs Brainpower, Stupid 2

Pres. Obama has been scoring points in many areas, but not on the economy.

Obama's slogan was Yes We Can. Obama's focus is not on the people, but on himself and Congress. It is yes, Me (Obama) can, rather than yes, WE the people can.

I believe confidence can be restored with onging education involving WE the people. We the people can turn the economy around. Yes we can.

Napoleon said: From the sublime to the ridiculous is but a step. If so that we might find that: from the ridiculous to the sublime is but a step.

Read: The President and the Passions. Mark Lilla, NYTimes

Now, we have to continue with the process of fixing the system. Pushing education to the max seems very easy. The problem, as I see it, is to convince people that ongoing career training can stimulate the economy immediately and forcefully.

Pres.Obama needs to focus on US and what we can do about the economy. He reminds me of the Greyhound slogan: Take the bus and leave the driving to us.

(Here we have Obama with an interpreter. He is saying: commit to CHANGE.)

I am trying to suggest that the more we learn, the more we are able to cope with our fears of taking risks. Individually and collectively we can more forward with new knowledge and ideas. The more we learn the more we yearn.

Americans are not dopes... Americans need hopes

Of course, it can take years to learn and we want recovery to happen NOW. But, I believe that the affects of learning more can be felt, immediately. Hope springs eternal... I am hopeful that we will start to wake up to our potential very soon. Nothing is really holding U.S. back accept our own fears and ignorance.

Why can't Pres.Obama and Congress focus on Edu-Conomy NOW? They could send a clear message to the people and they could begin to work on legislation to stimulate advances in education technology NOW. They could suggest that time be set aside for government and industrial workers to retrain each week, NOW.

The people are angry. They want our leaders to move forward, but our leaders are taking us around in circles. Why put Edu-Conomy on HOLD ? If not NOW, WHEN?

See: Multipliers Book Page See: Multipliers Video trailer, 2min

A little neglect may breed great mischief ... for want of a nail the shoe was lost; for want of a shoe the horse was lost; and for want of a horse the rider was lost. (Franklin)

You can always count on Americans to do the right thing - after they've tried everything else (Churchill)

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty (Jefferson)==================================================
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

From Obama-Care to Obama-Dare! 3

Obama was elected as our great savior, a Wizard at politics. But he has been faced with almost impossible problems.
See: Wizard of Oz Exposed

Perhaps the Wizard of Oz can offer him guidance. As you may remember, the Wizard was exposed as just a man, behind the curtain. He had no magical powers, but he immediately offered help.

See:The Wizard of Oz Helps Lion, Tin Man, Scarecrow 4min

The Wizard offered simple tokens, as you can see from the video, above. The Scarecrow got a diploma in thinkology. The Lion got a medal of courage . The Tin Man got a ticking clock for a heart.

This, I feel, is basically the guidance Pres.Obama needs to offer the American people. I believe he should encourage all Americans to get involved in recovery. The USA is about US.

See: Dorothy Returns to Kansas, 2min

Obama may have it backwards. He wants to solve our problems with stimulus checks. The solution may be: WE THE PEOPLE. As in the Wizard of Oz, there is no place like home. Let's go back to Kansas, (the birthplace of Obama's mother). The Kansas farm is the place where life is slower and where people have the patience to grow and change and learn...

JFK said: Ask not what your country can do for you.
Ask what you can do for your country.
Perhaps this is the Yellow-Brick-Road to follow for recovery!
Read: Obama, Super Tues Feb.5, 2008, "we are the ones we've been waiting for"
On Jan.27, Obama gave his State of the Union address. But on the same day, Steve Jobs announced the new Apple iPAD computer. Obama did not say anything in his speech about pushing educational technology. It is Steve Jobs who is pushing the technology.

Perhaps Obama could have invites Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and other pioneers in computers and education to the White House to accelerate the technology, right now.

It is interesting that the CEO of Apple Computers' last name happens to be Jobs. That is what we need: jobs, more jobs and better jobs for the economy. But, how? ... I say connect the dots ... linking education ... and ... the economy for more jobs, more hope...
It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. But Agatha Christie disagreed: I don't think necessity is the mother of invention -- invention, in my opinion, arises directly from idleness, possibly also from laziness. To save oneself trouble.

Intelligence is the faculty for making artificial objects, especially tools to make tools (Bergson)

Some say that it took World War II to get us out the the Depression. World War brought an accelaration of technology, in electronics, aircraft, etc. Now in our Great Recession, we can accelerate the development of more effective online learning tools. Computer-aided-instruction, online can help. EASY-DOES-IT !


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Monday, December 14, 2009

Edu-Conomy NOW (More Prophets 4 More Profits) 4

The time for change is now. There is no time to waste. America needs workers with more know-how, who are constantly training and retraining, like athletes.

America needs more educated consumers. The more we learn the more we earn. But the more we learn the more we yearn. The more educated we become, the more expensive our tastes become.

The challenge of career learning is one of motivation. It can seem boring and uneventful to study, without a guarantee of a job, as such. The man, here may help us to get motivated. Humor too can add energy to the process of learning.

There is a saying: Let sleeping dogs lie. In other words, don't try to change things, as long as things are quiet. The Democratic Party may be taking the view that it is best NOT to talk about unemployment and recession and just wait it out.

People are losing hope in the recovery. Pouring money on the problem is not fixing it. We need WIN - WIN TEAM solutions, where everyone benefits. Democrats and Republicans, rich and poor can benefit.

I believe that it is time to stop and think about where the country is going. The economy is not moving forward. Rome wasn't built in a day and the American economy was not built in a day, either. So, please take some time to reflect on these ideas. Time to get the economy rolling, again. Our future is at stake.

Jesse Jackson said that we must: Keep hope alive. In 2006, then Sen.Obama wrote: The Audacity of Hope. The time is now.

Diane Denish, Lt. Governor of New Mexico, has used the term EDUCONOMY to suggest the need for relating education and the economy (2007).

Education + Economy = Edu-Conomy (Success)

I see hope with education. I see hope with online training. But you have to work at learning to advance. There is NO FREE LUNCH. But we can redefine work with Edu-Conomy.

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It is time to wise up !

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

We Need a War on ERROR - 5 (Mistakes Motivate)

Bush had a War on Terror. Why not a War on Error?

Perhaps the big error Obama is making concerns money and the economy. He thinks that only money drives the economy. Mistakes drive the economy, too.


If anything can go wrong ..... it will ! === Murphy's Law ===

Success = Economy + Education + Error Detection

Success is a 3 legged stool. One leg is economy, another is education and the third is errors.

I think it is still about the economy, stupid. I believe the economy is not working because the American people have to wise up, and stop being stupid. I think we are acting stupidly, because we are not taking the time and effort to think and learn.

See: There Was a Crooked Man Song 1min

Lincoln said:
You may fool all of the people some of the time; you can even fool some of the people all the time; but you can't fool all of the people all the time.

Two years ago, Obama wrote: The Audacity of Hope (Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream). He promised us hope, but as President he has not defined the source of that hope. I think our hope for economic recovery rests on education, lifetime education for all.

It is not just about learning for leaders in government, and industry, but for everyone. It is not just learning for the children in school, but for all adults. It is about career education and life long learning.

This economic slowdown gives people time to learn and time to consider new directions. You might think that the economy is trying to tell us to stop and think so we can learn and adapt.

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It is time to wise up !

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Be Prepared with Computer eLearning 6

When it comes to study, we need to find the time. But now with online computer-aided-instruction learning can take place at any time.

The cost of eLearning is lower than for classroom instruction. Opportunities for online learning are increasing and the technology can accelerate with funding. We don't have to rely on books, alone.

Education + Computers = Success

English Video Lessons by MisterDuncan

When a person zips through studying, speed reading, web surfing, etc. he may not be learning much. Learning takes time and a willingness to work on weakenesses and mistakes, over and over. The adult learner needs needs a positive attitude to go back to school, to continue training.

It is said that happiness is not doing what you want to do. Happiness is wanting to do what you have to do. Study can help us become motivated to do what needs to be done.

We all need to keep learning more. But learning takes place on many levels. It can start when we press a button to turn on a computer. It can involve going back to school or reading a book at the library. Learning can begin when we ask a good question.

TS Eliot wrote: This is the way the world ends -- Not with a bang but a whimper. The challenge of motivating life long learning is not sensational, but rather it is subtle. But if we do not prepare ourselves with learning, the recovery may not happen for us.

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. (Churchill)

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It is time to wise up !

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Learn to Earn 7 (Permission to Rethink)

Learning does not always come easy. The unemployed worker may be reluctant to go back to school, with no guarantee of employment. There are other alternatives, such as online learning.

Study may reveal our weaknesses and mistakes. We feel embarrassed, confused and frustrated, in the process of learning.

Knowledge may be power, but school can also be boring for the adult. One of the ways to motivate learning is by show and tell.

Learn to Earn
Learn to Yearn
Learn to Turn

By learning more we increase our ability to earn more.
But learning more encourages us to yearn for more.
And learning more helps us to reach turning points.

“Sow a thought, and you reap an act; Sow an act, and you reap a habit; Sow a habit, and you reap a character; Sow a character, and you reap a destiny” Charles Reade

All the forces in the world are so powerful as an idea whose time has come (Hugo).

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It is time to wise up !

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Obama's Big Mistake: EDUCATION 8

We know that Pres.Obama can be a great communicator, but I think he can find better words, empowering words to motivate the people for recovery.

Unfortunaely, Obama has not delivered compelling IDEAS to fix our failing schools and motivate life-time training.

Money, he has raised. But money only goes so far. It gets used up. Ideas, on the other hand, do not get used up. Ideas can recycle and get improved. This President has no new ideas for education.

He could be our EDUCATION PRESIDENT, in his last two years. with a Republican Congress. Without spending any money, at all, he can promote powerful ideas for fixing schools and motivating all students.

Obama must show that he means BUSINESS. He is, one of the least experienced presidents in modern times. It is time for him to speak up.

Some catchwords I have suggested are:Edu-Conomy (Educonomy)
Learn to Earn (Learn to Turn)
Discovery to Recover
Just Say K(NO)W
Learning-Centered Recovery
We Need a War on Error

We are an Imagi-Nation, not a Stag-nation
We need Determi-nation, not Procrasti-nation.
We need Fasci-nation, not Stag-nation

A man's best friend is his dogma

The reality is that words may not be enough to change our thinking. This photo shows Obama when he was a college teacher at the University of Chicago. Why can't he become education president?

Why can't Obama connect the dots, linking education and economy?

Why must he speak to a teleprompter? Why can't he use other means, such as a blackboard? Why not a computer in hand, a projection screen, animation, etc? Why not use actors and comedians on stage? The possibilities are great.

Here we see Obama writing on the blackboard the words: Relationships built on self-interest. Why can't he connect the dots linking education and the economy, before the nation on television?

One small step for man - one giant leap for mankind
One idea from Obama - one giant leap for recovery

The President has been referred to as: No Drama Obama. Why can't he can rewrite his SCRIPT to inspire the nation, right now? He could set a precedent for future presidents by putting education and economy, first.
We must become the change we wish to see in the world (Gandhi) By becoming a teaching/education president Obama can become that change. He can set the example for us all ... We can all continue to learn and to teach.

“It is clear that people aren’t willing to buy into ‘hope & change’ again,” said Spencer Zwick, Mr. Romney’s national finance chairman. “Voters are making an investment because they believe that it will benefit the country.”NY Times, June 7, 2012
Perhaps it would be best if Joe Biden pushed education and the economy, rather than Obama. He has the sense of humor to persuade thousands.

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It is time to wise up !

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We Need ' Weapons of Mass Instruction ' 9

Obama has to find a source of hope for the economy. In his campaign, he said: 'Yes we can' and he promised 'Change we can believe in'. He had a sunrise in America logo. He never said 'what' change we can believe in.

In the sixties, the outer-space program gave us hope for the future. In the eighties, it was the development of the personal computer. In the nineties it was the internet revolution. I think we need a new revolution, an inner-space revolution, in life time learning.

On the entrance to the GE Building, in New York, are inscribed the words: 'Wisdom and Knowledge Shall be the Stability of Thy Times' (Isaiah 33.6). I remember seeing this saying one day (around 1978) as I walked by Rockefeller Center in Manhattan. I was impressed and I had some photos taken of the doorway.

What this suggests to me was that in order to have stability on society, we must work on developing wisdom and knowledge, with continuous learning and education, at all levels.

We know that our schools are failing. But learning should not stop with graduation. Adults in the work force have to keep learning and growing. If we keep learning we stimulate our imagination and we begin to dream of new possibilities.

Fortunately, we have computer tools for learning. We can further accelerate computer-aided instruction with large grants. Knowledge is power, See, posting, below.

It is time to wise up !
See: Saving Schools blog for education ideas
View: Image of the GE Building with Isaiah quote
Read: OnLine Courses Listed by NYTimes.
Read: End of American Optimism, Mort Zuckerman

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10 Steps to Jump Start the Economy NOW

How can we turn the US economy around? Maybe Obama needs to connect the dots, putting small ideas together, to make one big idea: Edu-Conomy.


Give me a place to stand and I'll move the world (Archimedes)

10 Steps to Jump Start the Economy


1) Have Pres.Obama push EDU-CONOMY with computer in hand, just as Steve Jobs did with the IPad...

2) Suggest an ongoing WAR on ERROR to make improvements in industry and government
and to motivate learning and training.

3) Use catchwords like: EduConomy, Obama-Dare, Learn to Earn, Discover to Recover, Economy Smart-not Stupid, We need: Imagi-Nation/Determi-Nation (not Stag-Nation/Procrasti-Nation), Just Say KNOW, Learning-Centered Recovery...
Change Reaction

4) Suggest ongoing/lifetime training for all workers, not just for the unemployed...

5) Develop more effective online learning CAI tools with large research grants and discounts.
6) Encourage ongoing training online with TV campaigns and web pages (like: Training.Gov)...

7) Encourage Skill Certifications online, such as in computer software, business practices, civil service qualification, teaching...

8) Proclaim Obama our EduConomy-President and have him push EduConomy ideas constantly.
9) Improve childhood education and teaching, linking it with life long learning...

10) Encourage companies and government organizations to set aside an hour or more each week for ongoing training, rethinking and certification


All is well that ends well (Heywood)

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