Wednesday, December 9, 2009

10 Steps to Jump Start the Economy NOW

How can we turn the US economy around? Maybe Obama needs to connect the dots, putting small ideas together, to make one big idea: Edu-Conomy.


Give me a place to stand and I'll move the world (Archimedes)

10 Steps to Jump Start the Economy


1) Have Pres.Obama push EDU-CONOMY with computer in hand, just as Steve Jobs did with the IPad...

2) Suggest an ongoing WAR on ERROR to make improvements in industry and government
and to motivate learning and training.

3) Use catchwords like: EduConomy, Obama-Dare, Learn to Earn, Discover to Recover, Economy Smart-not Stupid, We need: Imagi-Nation/Determi-Nation (not Stag-Nation/Procrasti-Nation), Just Say KNOW, Learning-Centered Recovery...
Change Reaction

4) Suggest ongoing/lifetime training for all workers, not just for the unemployed...

5) Develop more effective online learning CAI tools with large research grants and discounts.
6) Encourage ongoing training online with TV campaigns and web pages (like: Training.Gov)...

7) Encourage Skill Certifications online, such as in computer software, business practices, civil service qualification, teaching...

8) Proclaim Obama our EduConomy-President and have him push EduConomy ideas constantly.
9) Improve childhood education and teaching, linking it with life long learning...

10) Encourage companies and government organizations to set aside an hour or more each week for ongoing training, rethinking and certification


All is well that ends well (Heywood)

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